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Section B

March 25, 2013

A well regulated woman being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to compel women to keep and bear children shall not be infringed.Image


March 24, 2012

Barack Obama is a haole. Haole means ‘foreigner’, hence the basis for the wacky conspiracy theories concerning his place of birth                                                                            .Image

Newt Says……..

February 3, 2012

“I really believe that we should care about the very poor unlike Governor Romney. Both Governor Romney and Barack Obama seem to believe that a quote – safety net – is all the poor need. I don’t believe that. What the poor need is a trampoline so they can spring up to the moon.” Image.”

Why do people vote Republican when it is against their best interest to do so?

January 22, 2012

ImageThe Republicans allow room for them to feel they are still part of the Ruling Class. Republicans, unlike Democrats, demonize or disenfranchise a portion of society. Whether it be gays, muslims, atheists, abortion clients, felons, people that do not have voter ID, illegal aliens, the unemployed, Republican continually find new groups to disenfranchise or demonize. Voting Republican caters to bigotry and racism rather than progress and a better future.

Scott McClellan’s Tell All Book, “Scooter”

May 30, 2008

Bush’s Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has published a book that has the inside scoop of the goings on and shenanigans of the Bush administration. This book should settle the question once and for all that so many Americans want to know. Was 9-11 an inside job? I’ve yet to get my hands on the book but one gem is the story of how I. Lewis Libby got the handle “Scooter”. According to McClellan “Scooter” has a habit of scooting around on the carpet in order to scratch his ass.