Fiddle Or Violin?

Both words, Fiddle and Violin, come from a common source. The source for these words is the Old Roman Latin word Vitula. Vitula was one of the many Roman Holidays celebrated by the ancient Romans. Roman Holidays were a time of fun and merry making, in some instances the slaves served by their masters. More than half of the Roman calendar was honored with a Roman Holiday. The word Vitula seems to be in honor of a goddess of life, or liveliness. It’s related to the word Vitus, Life. The day was celebrated by the musical accompaniment of stringed instruments played with a bow. These were fairly quiet instruments, as the sound post had not yet been invented, and were used mostly for their rhythmic quality. So both the Germanic word Fiddle, and the French-Italian word violin come from the same source and are equally correct. To my ears Fiddle sounds closest to the source, so I prefer that word. And besides, I don’t speak French.

Nero playing fiddleNeroNero playing fiddleNero playing fiddle

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