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Section B

March 25, 2013

A well regulated woman being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to compel women to keep and bear children shall not be infringed.Image

Newt Says……..

February 3, 2012

“I really believe that we should care about the very poor unlike Governor Romney. Both Governor Romney and Barack Obama seem to believe that a quote – safety net – is all the poor need. I don’t believe that. What the poor need is a trampoline so they can spring up to the moon.” Image.”

Getting In Tune

July 24, 2008

The simplest way to get in tune is by using a kazoo to sound the correct pitch. Kazoos don’t require batteries and make a very rich sound. It is important to use a steady breath making sure that the pitch you’d like does not waver. One drawback of using a kazoo to tune a fiddle is that water vapor will drip out of the end of the kazoo and it is important to hold the fiddle in a fashion that will divert the water away from the f holes. Bear in mind that it is water and not spit that flows from the kazoo. It is condensation caused by the warm breath meeting the cold metal of the kazoo. So maybe a kazoo is not the best choice for tuning a fiddle but it is ideal for tuning up the old banjo. The rich tones of the kazoo and banjo make a wonderful noise.

Get In Tune

Get In Tune

Scott McClellan’s Tell All Book, “Scooter”

May 30, 2008

Bush’s Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has published a book that has the inside scoop of the goings on and shenanigans of the Bush administration. This book should settle the question once and for all that so many Americans want to know. Was 9-11 an inside job? I’ve yet to get my hands on the book but one gem is the story of how I. Lewis Libby got the handle “Scooter”. According to McClellan “Scooter” has a habit of scooting around on the carpet in order to scratch his ass.