Google Groups Shakedown

In the past two weeks Google has mounted what amounts to a shakedown of many Google Groups. Hundreds of Groups owners and moderators have reported in the Google Groups Help Forum,, that access to their group is denied because it is in violation of the Terms Of Service concerning spam and ‘adult content’. Many groups have been deleted after their archives have been inspected and found wanting. It is an especially unique and vexing interruption of a great Google service that has operated hassle-free for more than five years with no interruptions. The amount of data that has been deleted from the Groups archives is staggering. Hundreds of thousands of well argued opinions with links to citations have been deleted. And the Google Guides, the employees that moderate the Forum, have disappeared leaving the Top Contributors to answer the queries. I find it especially suspicious that this shake-down coincides with the announced ‘migration’ of existing Google Pages to the restrictive Google Sites on June 1st. Clearly Google is bent on restricting the content of it’s online publications.


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