Google Retires Google Page Creator

After just two years of hosting the popular Google Page Creator Google has announced that all Google Pages will be transfered to Google Sites by the end of the year. Google Page Creator allowed the user to upload 100 Mbs of files and link them to a Google template or to an html document that could be uploaded to the files. The same service was available in Google Apps Web Pages, allowing a registered domain to upload the files and document for the web site. The service was available to new Apps sign ups as recent as August 23,, but was removed by October 5, There have been many disappointed Pages users posting their sorrow at the loss of this great service in the Google Page help discussion groups in Google Groups but Google’s response is that Pages has reached the end of it’s development and the focus is now on Sites, which is a service that Google purchased from JotSpot. Sites is very restrictive in the content that can appear on the page. It does not allow html code and content is restricted to Gadgets and inserts provided by You Tube, Google Video, etc. There is much buzz in Groups about a big change afoot for Google. I wonder if the big change might be restricting the content of it’s services to make it more appealing to the government of China. In any event Google Page Creator will be greatly missed by many trusting and loyal Googlers.

3 Responses to “Google Retires Google Page Creator”

  1. Brian Says:

    GoHoster is a simple tool that makes it easy to create web pages for every internaut out there, both uninitiated and knowledgeable. The system entails no technical proficiency, and it is web-browser based.

    The pages you create are hosted on a URL of their own at The first step in the process involves checking out if your intended URL is available. If this happens to be the case, you can start putting up your page together by means of cutting and pasting contents until you are satisfied. Once this has been dealt with, your page will be ready for all to see.

    In any case, you must register beforehand. This process comes at no cost, and it is handled online in a matter of minutes. Basically, you submit profile information and some contact particulars.

    The site also comes complete with a “Browse” section that will let you have a peep at pages that have already been created using GoHoster.

  2. hucktunes Says:

    Does GoHoster offer free file hosting? Google Pages allowed 100 Mbs of files.

  3. Voli Dublino Says:

    Voli Dublino thinks you are right!

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